The power of collaborative tasks management

Create workspaces for your projects, departments, and teams, and then share tasks with your teammates.


All my tasks in one place


Tracking of assigned tasks


Workspaces to share tasks

Here’s how to simplify collaboration in your company

Share tasks with workspaces

Create workspaces to share tasks with your teams. Allow everybody to know what needs to be done and for when.

Prioritize tasks

Prioritize tasks with the integrated Eisenhower matrix. Work on what’s most important and urgent.

Plan tasks

Effortlessly schedule your tasks to organize them. See the right task at the right time.

Assign tasks

Assigne a task in a click. Keep track of the tasks you assigned to colleagues. Get feedback automatically when tasks are completed.

Communicate effortlessly

Comment to share information and discuss the progress of the task with your team.

Get informed with notifications

Get notified when something important happens. Stop missing critical updates.

Recurring tasks

Master your recurring tasks. Stay on top of your core set of activities.

Invite external people

Invite your partners, freelancers or any other external person to collaborate with ease. Be sure everyone is on the same page.

Reach deadlines

Schedule your deadlines and never miss them. Be aware of the next step accross all your due dates.

Keep track of updates

All activities on tasks are logged in the task history. Know which tasks have been completed when and by who.

Sync with Outlook

Get your deadlines directly in your calendar. Get a global view of your meetings and tasks in your existing calendar.

Mail to task

Convert your emails to tasks. Uncluter your inbox and ensure that every action has an assignee and a due date.

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