Onboarding process

We help you integrate WEDO in less than 30 days

1. Demo

The first step of the process is a free online demo. We will take 30 minutes to show you how to manage your tasks and meetings on our collaborative platform. We will also discuss how WEDO will fit your needs.

2. Preparation

You will take time to list the users you need in your WEDO network. We will help you define the structure of your network by discussing which workspaces, meetings and checklists you want to manage in WEDO. To get started download and fill the Excel file below.

3. Network setup

In a conference call with your customer success manager (CSM), you will start using WEDO. He will help you setup the structure of your network, and create your workspaces.

4. Training

Plan an onsite training with your CSM to train your colleagues on the usage of WEDO. After the training he will invite your colleagues to join your WEDO network.

5. FAQ

Make a second appointment with your CSM three weeks after the training. He will answer to all your questions and make sure your are getting value out of WEDO.

WEDO is 100% Swiss

WEDO is a Swiss based startup, the main office is in Fribourg (FR) and the datacenters are located in Zürich (ZH).