WEDO for Foundations and associations

WEDO tackles the daily challenges of foundations and associations to facilitate the collaboration and engagement of their members.

Composed of volunteers or employees, those institutions face the same challenges as traditional organizations: task management, preparation of meetings, project follow-up, organization of events, exchange of documents, all fundamental organizational issues for their proper operation.

What makes WEDO unique?

Meeting Tracking

Manage your committee meetings and internal and external meetings with a single tool.

Task Management

Track task progress from one session to the next. Manage department and project activities collaboratively.

Checklists Templates

Manage your recurring processes by creating templates, then launch checklists and track their progress.

Organize actionable meetings

Prepare your committee meetings

Items submission, agenda preparation and distribution so each participant can prepare for the session.

Get your members involved

Allow each member to actively participate in the sessions and follow up on his or her responsibilities.

Create checklists for your recurring events

Preparation of seminars and management of organizational or resident related tasks.

Meeting minutes writing

Avoid wasting transcription time with real-time note-taking during the session.

Foundation Board meetings and general Assemblies

Process the topics, take decisions and lock your reports once validated.

Task manager

Facilitate the follow-up of your projects through the integrated task manager at the meeting.

Your data security is our top priority


Manage your association and organization committees with WEDO

Multiple associations have chosen WEDO to simplify the organization of their events and the administrative management in their committee. These boards, made up of volunteers or employees, have to face the same challenges and to achieve similar goals as any other business. In this article and with concrete examples, you will learn how WEDO supports committees and management boards so that they can work together efficiently.

Discover the new Meeting module of WEDO

A brand new Meeting module to end the year 2021 in style. Improved design, dynamic options, recurring meetings & new concepts: so many innovations to discover with our “Meeting Topics” update. In this article, we introduce you to the new features that will facilitate your work before, during and after your meetings.

How to manage a project with WEDO?

You have a project to manage over three months with a long list of tasks, weekly meetings and important files to share with the project members? We have the solution to simplify this work that can sometimes be tedious! Discover 8 WEDO features that will help you reach your goals and complete your project in the best working conditions.


Are you ready to make your meetings actionable ?


Save time and get inspiration from our templates for writing your agendas and checklists.

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WEDO is 100% Swiss

WEDO is a Swiss based startup, the main office is in Fribourg (FR) and the datacenters are located in Zürich (ZH).