WEDO for Board Meetings

Easily manage agendas, annotations, documents and discussions. Capture the board meeting minutes in a secured workspace.

Power your Board Meetings with WEDO

Collaborate in a secure environment so the board of directors can easily make annotations and share them with the whole board or just individual members before, during or after a board meeting.

Make your meetings actionable

Shared Agenda​

Prepare your meeting agendas, share and annotate files to ensure everyone is well prepared.​​

Realtime Note Taking​

Take your minutes during the meeting and allow everyone to be up to date directly at the session's end.​

Meetings Follow-up​

Make post-meeting follow-up easy by giving instant access to the meeting minutes and the taken decisions.​

Secured Worspace

Run remote or in-person meetings efficiently, confidently, and securely in a Swiss ISO 27001 datacenter.

3 steps to master your Board Meetings

Here are the key features for your Board Meetings

Before the meeting

Prepare the meeting by sharing files to allow the board members to read and annotate them. Write down the decisions to be taken. Ensure the quality and the duration of your meetings.

During the meeting

Write your meeting minutes. Add notes, validate decisions and add tasks to your agenda items in real time.

WEDO’s real-time notetaking tool promotes collaboration and encourages everyone to participate actively in the conversation.

After the meeting

Once you’ve addressed and summarized all your meeting topics, send your meeting notes to all board members.

All your past meetings are a tab away, so you can easily refer to them later on. Use WEDO’s powerful search to find past decisions.

Your data security is our top priority


Are you ready to make your meetings actionable ?

WEDO is 100% Swiss

WEDO is a Swiss based startup, the main office is in Fribourg (FR) and the datacenters are located in Zürich (ZH).